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Traditionally published books include fundamental elements that make them stand out, including a thoroughly edited manuscript, a cover and interior that capture the book’s genre, and an eBook version to reach digital readers.

Our free tools and competitively priced professional services provide independent authors the same level of service and quality.
1. Need editing?
A well-edited book creates a superior experience for your readers and strengthens your credibility as an author. Professional editors apply established publishing style guides to your manuscript while maintaining your unique voice.
2. Need cover design?
A cover is a reader’s first impression of your book and an invaluable part of your marketing strategy. It should convey your book’s genre and the tone readers can expect.
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3. Need interior formatting?
A professional interior creates an enjoyable reading experience and ensures your print and digital readers aren’t distracted by poor formatting. Designers create industry-standard interiors appropriate for your book’s genre.
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